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Opening doors to profitability for our clients is what we do best. It is difficult to wear all of the hats you need to wear as a door dealer professional. The Apple Group can help you grow your business through time tested strategies in sales, marketing, training, customer service, financial planning and more.

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It is difficult to expect superior performance without providing the proper training and coaching. Training is never finished. It requires constant attention and is the owner’s responsibility. Whether the training needed is for management, technical, sales related or financial, all successful door businesses need an effective training program. Does your company have one? If not, or if you need to jump start yours, The Apple Group can provide the framework and assist you with implementation of a training program that will make you and your team more productive and professional. We can offer training two ways, online or onsite. Our live, online training covers a variety of subjects from garage door basics for new employees to professional sales training. Download brochure.

Are you getting your fair share of the sales in the markets you cover? Are your sales sufficient to yield the profit you deserve? What products do you sell? Do you offer a diverse product lineup that allows you to sell more to the same customers? We offer profit driven ideas and solutions that can jump start your sales and help you reach your financial goals. If you need advice to better manage your sales staff, The Apple Group can help you make the transition from average manager to dynamic sales coach. Our emphasis is on leadership and team building. Get the results you should expect from your salespeople by implementing proven management methods that benefit your company and employees.

How do you determine what you charge? It’s a simple question that often requires a more complex answer. The answer should be based on: a) how much profit do you want to make? and b) what is the market price? Creating a pricing strategy should be done after much research and analysis. In the garage door industry, we have typically seen pricing policies that have more to do with being the low bid versus selling prices that are based on value. Often, the easiest way to increase sales is by raising your prices. However, the reluctance to do this is supported by fear of the unknown. Dealers often assume that by raising price, they will automatically lose customers. While being competitive is important, having price points based on your company's and products' value is a more profitable approach. The trick is learning how to sell the value of your product and your company. The Apple Group can assist you with analyzing your pricing policies to determine if you are maximizing your profit potential for each of the products and services you offer.

You can have the best product and service in the world, but if you don’t tell people about it you can’t be disappointed when they fail to beat a path to your door to buy from your company. If you’re good at what you do, you have to advertise and promote it. Advertising options are vast and can be expensive. So knowing where to spend your advertising dollars is crucial. Advertising that is properly planned and strategically placed is critical to any successful business. Which advertising media is the best investment for your business? The Apple Group can put our many years of experience in marketing and advertising to work for you. It all starts with an annual plan to promote your brand and products. Considering the use of mass media, Internet, print ads or even “hand to hand combat” is a lot to consider. We can help you determine your advertising goals, establish an annual advertising plan and budget, assist with ad placement and, most importantly, get you tracking the results. A successful plan will easily pay for itself.

Your business is only as good as the quality and variety of the products you bring to market. Is your scope so narrow in focus that you are losing sales opportunities with your customer base? Do you only sell overhead type doors? Why not consider other related door products like residential and commercial entry doors? Awnings, gate systems or even pet doors? What about easy-to-install garage flooring systems or car lifts? The cost of selling more products to the same customer base is much easier and less costly than securing new customers. What about the products you sell now? Are they high quality and a good value? The Apple Group can help you analyze your products and service offering to provide insight as to what changes might be possible to accelerate sales and profit. If you need help finding suppliers, our extensive network of contacts is there for you to tap into.

How do you present your products? Do you have an attractive and upscale showroom that properly showcases your products and services? Do you have a way to brand each door you install or service or way to “autograph” your work? How about your company sign? Does it look upscale and is it well lit at night? Do your service and sales vehicles present the image you want to project to the public? Are your service techs, sales people and office staff wearing logo apparel that presents a professional image? All of these questions relate to merchandising. All successful businesses have effective ways to provide their services in the proper “package.” Whether it is a complete showroom build-out or remodeling project or you need a way to attractively label the products you sell, The Apple Group has many suggestions you can implement immediately to strengthen your brand in the marketplace. For something as simple as installing a personalized service sticker on each door or as complex as establishing a private labeled program, we have the experience needed to help you better merchandise your business and your brand. Properly positioning your products and promoting your brand is a tall task. We’re here to help.

Making a profit and creating wealth is the purpose of owning your own business. Having a good sales volume is great but only to the extent of how much profit you are able to yield from it. So many factors come into play. Pricing strategy, material and labor cost, fixed expenses and operational costs all impact your bottom line. Does your software give you the information you need to make timely management decisions? If not, we can assist you through the process of implementing information systems that are easy to use and understand. As the owner or manager, you should be able to know where you stand every day with just the push of a few buttons. How is your accounting department structured? Do you have well-trained personnel that are watching out for the company’s bottom line? Do you feel like you have a good handle on each area of your business? If not, The Apple Group can help. It all starts with a good financial business plan. Our on-staff CPA can assist you throughout the process, from establishing an operating budget to analyzing your monthly results.

  • Business Plan Development
  • Financial Statement Review and Analysis
  • Operating Budget Development
  • Accounting Department Structuring
  • Information Systems and Software
  • Cash Management

The customer remembers the entire experience received from your company, from the person answering the phone, the sales person that shows up on their doorstep, to the service tech on the jobsite; all are part of the experience your customer is purchasing. What’s that experience like with your company? Do you offer world-class customer service? Providing superlative service during all phases of the transaction is the only substantive way to separate your business and brand from the pack. It all starts with having the right people on your team. Setting high expectations after providing the proper training will go a long way to meeting this goal. The Apple Group can help you raise the bar on your customer service efforts by working with you to create an elevated emphasis on selling experiences, not just stuff.

Knowing what software to use to manage your business is difficult. Who can you trust to make this significant investment. Lots of software people want to sell you their products, but will they work for a garage door dealer? The Apple Group can help you through this process and help you find the right fit through its affiliations with software vendors that serve garage door dealers like you. Software that allows you to manage your business from the time the call is taken, through quote and order entry, purchasing and finally accounting for it all. Let us help you make the right investment for your information systems management.