Become an Apple Door Store

Become the next Apple Door store by using our award-winning branding model. The Apple Group owns and licenses the Apple Door Systems brand. For over 40 years, the Apple Door brand has been a recognized market leader in all facets of the door business. Its solid brand has been successfully marketed by a team of professionals throughout the state of Virginia. The Apple Door brand has earned customer loyalty through providing high quality door products supported by world-class customer service. After years of successful marketing, the Apple Door brand is considered the market standard for excellence and superior service.

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What are the Benefits?

By becoming an Apple Door Store, your licensing fee gives you access to our business systems, promotional material, business planning and ongoing consulting services. Your business becomes part of a highly-successful network of door dealer professionals while you maintain control and ownership of your business. Not all dealers will qualify for licensing. Our standards are high and there is a qualifying process that must be completed. However, if you decide to join our team, it may prove to be the best business decision you’ve ever made. Becoming an Apple Door Systems branded dealer affords you the following benefits.

  • Use of all Apple Door Branding
  • Product Development and Planning
  • Pricing Structures and Price Lists
  • Accounting Systems and Support
  • Software Options
  • Advertising and Promotional Material
  • Showroom Planning
  • Company Employment and Safety Manual
  • Organizational Staffing Plan
  • Monthly Financial Report Review
  • 8 Hours Consulting Services Monthly
  • Employee Training Programs