Vets & First Responders


What do you get when you hire a veteran or first responder?

  1. Discipline - One of the traits of vets and first responders is the ability to be very disciplined.
  2. Professionalism - First responders and vets are used to maintaining dress, grooming and physical fitness standards.
  3. Can-Do Attitude - First responders and veterans are taught that failure is not an option, so itis part of their work ethic to “complete the mission” in spite of obstacles.
  4. Integrity - First responders and vets have strong moral compasses.
  5. Leadership - Many vets and first responders have been in one leadership position or another over the course of a career, so they knowhow to give orders, take orders and lead by example.
  6. Organization - First responders and veterans quickly learn how to organize and account for resources under their responsibility.
  7. Team Building - Part of the training received is how to assemble agroup of people from diverse backgrounds and get them to work together.

Career after public service

Veterans and first responders should consider a second career in the garage door industry. It's rewarding work in a team atmosphere in all size companies, from a "Mom and Pop shop" to a large corporation. Learn skills in trade that will last a lifetime in a variety of jobs. To learn more about a career in the garage door industry click the button.

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