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College isn't for everyone

If you're considering starting a new career using your hands and mechanical skills, Mike Rowe has an important message for you. Garage Door Technicians earn great money and use unique skills that can be used anywhere in the country. Take a few minutes and listen to Mike's powerful message about skilled tradespeople. Click here to watch his video!

Bright Future for Bright Young Lady

We are very proud to announce the 2020 winner of the $5,000 Daniel R. Apple Educational Foundation Scholarship for outstanding academic performance has been awarded to Emily Flippen. Click here to learn more.

Pricing is not just about the door

"We can't raise our prices, we'll lose the builder's business." I hear this a lot from clients, especially when we're trying to understand why they aren't making the kind of profit desired in their door dealership. The reluctance to raise prices is a self-inflicted wound that can lead to a much worse situation....losing money! So, why the reluctance? Learn More

Hire new talent during tough times, really?

During my 33 years as a door dealer, whenever I was asked "are you hiring", my answer was always the same..."we're always looking for superstars". Whether economic times were good or bad, we were always searching for the right talent. In fact, some of our most successful recruiting occurred when my competition and other employers were hunkering down, cutting back and laying people off. We did not wait until we had an open position or sales to pick up before considering adding talented people. We used slowdowns as a time to more closely evaluate performance levels of our staff and "get the right people on the bus". While none of us could've foreseen this horrible pandemic and it's toll on our economy, you can use this as a time to strengthen your team to get ready for the bounce back everyone is predicting. Finding new talent starts with recruiting. Perhaps now would be a good time to begin looking for the superstars your business needs. You can't catch a fish if you don't have a line in the water! Consider placing your job ad with the garage door industry's only exclusive job board today.

Your first ad is FREE, save 50% on all packages

Exclusively for IDA members, you can place a single ad at no charge by using promo code IDAFREE or purchase a multiple-ad packages for 50% OFF of the regular price using promo code IDA50 at check out.

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Corona Craziness

Dan Apple

How is the Coronavirus going to affect

garage door dealer sales? If the current threat level is maintained by the government, the impact on sales could be considerable in the next few weeks. That said, typically the American people get tired of being told how to live pretty quickly and there will be a big push to return to normalcy if this situation continues much longer. Never bet against American resolve!

My best advice is to keep pushing ahead. Follow the CDC’s advice relative to taking reasonable precautions to protect your health and those of your family, but at the end of the day, garage doors will still need to be repaired and installed and our customers are depending on us to be there. So, the sky is not falling but there are clouds we need to move beyond. Expect good things to happen and they usually do!  My two cents worth.

- Dan Apple, 3/13/2020

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GarageDoorJobs: How to Keep Top Performers

Garage door and access control businesses are struggling to find employees in today’s market. With a limited number of qualified technicians, we must do more to attract and keep quality employees. This article from award-winning business journalist Phil Perry offers some helpful tips.

You've spent time, effort and a lot of money to recruit and train your employees.  While some turnover should be expected, retaining your top-performing employees should be a priority.  Don't let your competition steal your best employees and benefit from your investment and training.  Check out this article from the winter 2019 edition of  Door+Access Systems magazine.

Read more articles like this at the GarageDoorJobs Blog!

Overview of the Webinar on 11/7: Pricing for a Profit - Estimating Basics

Apple Group is pleased to announce that their webinar, "Pricing for a Profit" was presented on November 7, 2019.

This training was provided at no charge as an added value benefit for IDA members (regularly $225). The webinar was very well attended with over 60 registrants. Dan and Sandy Apple conducted the webinar and covered how critically important it is for door dealers and salespeople to follow an estimating method that reflects the gross profit they expect to yield in the various sales segments in the garage door industry. The webinar included interactive attendee participation with on the spot polling, class exercises and a Q&A session. The Apple Group will be providing another webinar for IDA members in May of 2020.

Webinar on 11/7: Pricing for a Profit - Estimating Basics

If your company's gross profit is not what you think it should be, perhaps you should take a closer look at how you do sales estimates.

In this FREE webinar we'll review a step-by-step estimating process and how to calculate more realistic profits. There will be two interactive exercises in which attendees will calculate selling prices for both residential and commercial estimates, using a standardized formula to better understand the pricing strategy used by many successful door dealers. We will discuss margin and markup methods of estimating and the impact of each on profit. This webinar is for anyone interested in creating more accurate estimates and better profit, including owners, managers, sales people, customer service or accounting personnel. Attendees must join the webinar live as it will not be recorded. You must be a current IDA member to participate.

Webinar is on Thursday, November 7, 2019 2:00PM EST


Monthly Drawing Prizes Awarded by Apple Group

Congratulations to the winning entries for our Triple Job Slot for July and August. Jersey Pines Overhead Door, LLC was our winner for July and Nofziger Door Sales, Inc. won for the August drawing. They each will be able to post 3 jobs openings free of charge on, a $175 value. As an IDA Approved Program, The Apple Group holds a monthly drawing as a special member benefit and also offers discounted fees for their business consulting and training services. To register to win your FREE Triple Job Slot ($175 value) by emailing us at, enter "DRAWING" in the subject line. Limit one entry per member.

Are Sales Professionals or "Order Takers" Representing Your Business?

There's a big difference. Professional sales people are better equipped to close more business, sell higher end products and get more for them. They understand that selling on the basis of value, not price, is a winning strategy for a profit motivated businesses. The reason so many sales people in the garage door industry are focused on price alone is mostly due to the lack of training. In many instances they're given a price book, brochures, samples and a vehicle and sent out on their own, often with little or no training. Click Here

Don't relax when times are good....REALLY?

Times are good, that's the time to lay back and rest, right? Wrong! It's the time to improve your operation and find new opportunities. Read this article if you want your business to not just survive but thrive in good and bad economic times. Click Here

Victory for Navy Vet

Came across this article in Door & Access Systems Insider magazine. As a Navy vet and a retired door dealer, this touched me and speaks volumes to the real heart and soul of the garage door industry. The "Bad Bobs" in the industry, and you know who you are, should read this article carefully and maybe finally understand that we treat people how we'd like to be treated. Thank you to Crawford Door of Wilmington for shining a light on something that should happen every day in our industry.

Read the article here.

Recruiting New Talent – Webinar Recap

On Thursday, November 15, 2018 The Apple Group conducted an IDA sponsored webinar, 'Recruiting New Talent', which focused on assisting garage door dealers with finding new employees in the tough job market. There were 60 people in attendance for the hour long seminar, indicating the timeliness of this very hot topic.

Dan Apple conducted the session and covered topics including Internet advertising, using the new job board, looking for talented people in unusual places, recruiting veterans, interviewing and on-boarding new employees.

The response from those in attendance was very positive and each attendee received a seminar handout and special discounts on job ads for or any of Apple Group's online training modules. A recorded version of the webinar can be viewed by clicking here.

Recruiting New Talent – Finding New People is not Impossible! Free for IDA Members: November 15th, 2018

One of the greatest challenges door dealers face today is fielding enough talent to keep up with demand. With unemployment at nearly an all-time low, recruiting new people requires a lot more work these days. In this 60 minute seminar we'll discuss marketing your job opportunities using conventional and unconventional methods. Click here to read more!

We'll be using GoToMeeting as our online meeting place. You can join by computer, tablet or smartphone. Access to high-speed wifi is a must. Once registered you will receive an email confirmation with instructions on how to join the meeting. To register just click here. This seminar qualifies for IDEA continuing educational credits.

Say THANK YOU to Your Garage Door Techs June 29th

SuperTech Day is a special day commemorating door systems technicians and a great opportunity to boost morale and show your technicians how much you appreciate their hard work.

Check out this article, click on the related articles “Ways to Celebrate” and consider doing this for your organization if you don’t already. It’s an inexpensive way to say thank you for all of their hard work throughout the year.

For more information, click here to read IDA's article about SuperTech Day 2018.

Seminars All Aces at Las Vegas Expo

The Apple Group provided two seminars at the International Door Association's annual convention in Las Vegas on Thursday, April 26, 2018. Dan and Sandy Apple would like to thank the 300+ people who attended each of the 90 minute sessions. The two seminars, "Sales Pros VS Order Takers" and "Recruiting, Training and Retaining Top Performers" were both selected due to their relevance to current market trends.

The "Sales Pros" seminar focused on how dealers who want to improve profit margins should focus on selling value and service, not price. Dan provided an overview of the tools, tactics and strategies needed. In the "Recruiting, Training and Retaining" seminar Dan and Sandy discussed how finding and keeping top performing employees have changed in the last 10 years. They focused on current recruiting methods including using online job boards and showcased the garage door industry's new recruiting tool,

They encouraged door dealers to embrace a more aggressive posture when it comes to hiring and training good people in order to create and maintain a superior team of employees.

Those attendees unable to attend these seminars can sign up for a private seminar via The Apple Group's online training program.

Click here for more details.

Industry veterans Dan and Sandy Apple will present two workshops

We're headed to Las Vegas next week! The Apple Group is presenting 2 seminars at IDA's EXPO 2018. Come and join us!

Sales Pros vs. Order Takers – Thursday, April 26, 8:00 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.

Any idiot can sell price! This workshop focuses on how professional sales people sell value, not price.

Recruiting, Training and Retaining Top Performers for Door Dealers – Thursday, April 26, 3:00 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Turnover of employees is a big expense for any door dealer. In this workshop Dan and Sandy will discuss using online recruiting methods to attract and hire better qualified personnel.

New Online Training for Garage Door Dealers

The Apple Group is launching its new online training program for garage door dealers on May 1, 2017. The program is designed to assist dealers with training their employees, especially those new to the garage door industry. For new hires, we offer seminars to teach the basics of garage doors, sectional overhead doors, rolling steel doors, and a course that focuses on the basics of garage door repair. Also included are two seminars for salespeople including those that are new to selling and those who want to improve their skills. Learn More

AG to present "The Three Legged Stool" at EXPO 2016

IDA has invited The Apple Group to present a four part seminar at EXPO 2016 in Las Vegas that focuses on key elements needed to build a top garage door dealership. Dan and Sandy Apple will share the four essential building blocks necessary to create a profitable business that they and other market leading door dealers all have in common. This is a reprise of the previous year's seminar which attracted more than 500 door dealers.

Apple Group provides dealer training at Expo 2015

Dan and Sandy Apple provided four educational seminars at the IDA Expo 2015 in Indianapolis. Sessions included "Selling Secrets," "Outstanding Operations," "Financial Fitness" and "Lasting Leadership." These four seminars covered the key building blocks needed to build a top garage door dealership. The sessions were attended by more than 500 door dealers and suppliers throughout the industry. The Apple Group specializes in coaching garage door dealers and suppliers in all aspects of the business with an emphasis on growing profitabillity. During the convention, Dan and Sandy were thrilled to meet baseball's legend, Johnny Bench, Hall of Fame catcher for the Cincinnati Reds, who was the keynote speaker for Expo 2015.

Apple Group to present "Building a Top Door Dealership" at Expo 2015

This 4-part round table seminar, to be presented on Wednesday, April 8, 2015 at IDA's Expo 2015 at the Indianapolis Convention Center in Indianapolis, will explore the key building blocks to creating a leading edge door dealership.  Dan and Sandy Apple will share the four essential building blocks necessary to create a profitable business that they and other market leading door dealers all have in common. Learn More

Door Dealers Attend Let's Talk Doors Seminar at EXPO 2014

Dan and Sandy Apple conducted a high energy round table discussion today at the International Door Association's Expo 2014 in Las Vegas. The seminar was entitled "Let's Talk Doors" and covered 7 different hot topics that impact garage door dealers today. Topics ranged from how to best market your business on the Internet to best ways to retain top performing employees. The exchange of experience and ideas among the 50 dealers in attendance was lively and productive.

Apple Group Conducts Seminars at OHD's Annual Dealer Conference

There were a total of ten workshops provided during the conference to Overhead Door "Ribbon" distributors from all over the U.S. The emphasis was on the benefit of selling more to the retrofit market, basically replacing some of the lower new construction builder garage door sales with more profitable, higher value replacement doors and accessories to the homeowner directly. The workshop emphasized marketing to the Baby Boomer generation and suggested that dealers consider adding more products to sell to the same customers. There were approximately 200 attendees to the workshops.

Dan Apple to speak at EXPO 2013 in Nashville

Dan Apple will be conducting a seminar at the International Door Association's EXPO 2013 entitled, "There's Plenty of Money Out There - Go and Get It." The seminar's focus will be shifting into more retail sales in order to market more directly to the Baby Boomer generation in the U.S. Moving from door "dealer" to door "store" allows for adding a diversity of product to increase sales to existing garage door customers. Increasing your retail focus can boost sales that yield greater profit margins. While the new construction market continues to slowly improve, door dealers need to find other ways to make up sales volume lost during the Great Recession. Complaining about the downturn is a waste of time. As the seminar's title implies, there is lots of money being spent in the U.S., but you have to aggressively market your products and services to the people that control it. Dan will discuss ways to start making this transition, from door dealer to door store in order to grow your business for the future. The seminar will be conducted at 1:00 - 2:30 PM on Thursday, May 9, 2013 at Gaylord Opryland Hotel and Convention Center in Nashville, TN.

Garage Door Dealers Seeing Upward Trend

Over the past 90 days, our conversations with garage door dealers, regarding their sales trends, have been very positive. We interviewed five independent U.S. door dealers in the Mid-Atlantic and all are reporting positive gains in both sales and profits during the second half of 2012. "God continues to bless us each month," reports Pam Weeks, president of Apple Door of Waynesboro, Inc. Pam acknowledges significant gains in sales to home builders and the residential remodeling market. Also showing big gains over last year are other retail home improvement products, such as entry doors and retractable and fixed awnings. Overall their sales are up 17.8% over the same period in 2011. This is consistent with the other dealers we interviewed. All are optimistic about finishing the year with solid gains and look for this trend to continue in 2013.