If I want your services how does it work?

Should you decide to retain us for consulting work, the process starts with completing and sending us the Client Information Form. This will allow us to learn a little about your company so we have some background information. Then we will contact you by telephone for an initial consultation. This first session is about 30 minutes long and is provided at no cost to you. If, after that initial consultation, you decide to proceed, we will ask you to complete and sign our Consulting Retainer Agreement. Once we have an executed agreement, we will contact you to set up a schedule and discuss specific requirements for your service. Then, we will meet at your place of business for the amount of time you have requested. 

What does it cost?

Our rates are based on your time commitment needs and are charged on an hourly, daily or weekly basis. Rates range in cost from $125 per hour to $800 per day (for one consultant). Consultation done at your place of business which is beyond 300 miles from our office is typically is charged at a minimum of two days. If travel is involved, we ask that these expenses be reimbursed at our cost. Should we need to incur cost for supplies or services such as printing, shipping or artwork, these expenses will also be billed at our cost.

Will my business' information be kept confidential?

All of our clients' information is held in strictest confidence and is not shared in any way. Included in our contract is a confidentiality agreement which applies to both parties.

Why should I choose The Apple Group for my consulting needs?

The Apple Group has 35 years of experience operating successful garage door dealerships. We have walked in your shoes and understand what it takes to create, operate and grow successful dealerships. We can offer you a fresh perspective on issues you face every day and provide solutions to problems. If just one of our recommendations or ideas helps you become more profitable, the cost of our services is easily justified.

How long will it take me to provide the initial information you need to get started?

Our Client Information Form will only take you minutes to complete. That's all we need for the initial consultation. Additional information or data may be needed depending on your consulting needs as we go through the process, but initially you can provide what we need in less that 15 minutes.

When should I see results from your recommendations?

That depends on the scope of work. Some changes can be implemented quickly and you can see results almost immediately. An example would be a rate increase for service work. Other changes may require a lengthy amount of time to develop and results will come overtime. An example would be establishing your unique brand in the marketplace. Of course, seeing results will be a reflection of how committed you are to implement new ideas that are profit driven.

Will you help my company implement new ideas, policies, processes and programs?

Absolutely. We want to be part of your team for the long term so we are happy to help you go forward and implement changes. Of course, you will need to contract for sufficient time to cover this in your consulting retainer agreement. An example would be that we provide a two day initial consultation that yields six ideas you would like to implement immediately. We can stay on site and help you do this, or, at your direction, spend one hour per month to follow up with you or other key personnel in your company to make sure the changes are on track. We will be as involved as you would like us to be.