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If you’re considering starting a new career using your hands and mechanical skills, Mike Rowe has an important message for you. Garage Door Technicians earn great money and use unique skills that can be used anywhere in the country. Take a few minutes and listen to Mike’s powerful message about skilled tradespeople.  

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We are very proud to announce the 2020 winner of the $5,000 Daniel R. Apple Educational Foundation Scholarship for outstanding academic performance has been awarded to Emily Flippen. Emily will be attending Blue Ridge Community College to continue her studies in the field of respiratory therapy, which she began in high school, and plans to… Read more »

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During my 33 years as a door dealer, whenever I was asked “are you hiring”, my answer was always the same…”we’re always looking for superstars”. Whether economic times were good or bad, we were always searching for the right talent. In fact, some of our most successful recruiting occurred when my competition and other employers… Read more »

Dan Apple

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How is the Coronavirus going to affect garage door dealer sales? If the current threat level is maintained by the government, the impact on sales could be considerable in the next few weeks. That said, typically the American people get tired of being told how to live pretty quickly and there will be a big… Read more »